My Questions About Chest Tattoos Words

David asks…

So I got a tattoo on my chest (words) and I wanna maybe upgrade it?

so i have words on my chest in handwriting and it’s startin to look pretty plain to me any ideas for upgrading it?
well its not that I wanna add more words I want an upgrade in some addition design but it says Dream as if you will live forever, live as you will die today, Love, Live, Life

admin answers:

It depends wat the words r on ur chest

Nancy asks…

How much does a word tattoo across your chest cost on average?

My boyfriend wants to get a tattoo for christmas, but i’m not sure if i can afford it. he wants to get a word in script across his chest . i know prices vary, but can anybody give me an average price?

admin answers:

Too general of a question to answer.

It’s impossible to estimate if you don’t tell how *large* the tattoo is.

Since larger tattoos take longer to complete, they are more expensive. Good tattoo artists will charge anywhere between 60 to 150 dollars per hour.
Full body tattoos can cost over 20k dollars. A typical tribal wire on the bicep will cost maybe 100.

Jenny asks…

Chest tattoo stretching with breast implants?

im a bigger girl, but recently i have been loosing weight,
i plan on loosing a lot more but i would really like a chest tattoo.
just some words something like “live your dreams” or “family” with shooting stars but once i loose the weight i do plan on getting brest implants. i have not been to the studio to talk to an artist yet, but i was wondering if any one knows if the shape wold be misplaced with the weight loss and implants.

admin answers:

It will most likely stretch or get looser and saggy. I would suggest getting fake tattoos first to see if you like it.

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